November 2022 - januar 2023 Sonthofen

art digital or
digital art?

Digital and multimedia art are clearly enjoying increasing interest in the art world. New technologies and applications such as NFTs, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), artificial intelligence (AI) and on-demand 3D printing are expanding the value creation and distribution options of all players involved in the art market many times over.
StadtHausGalerie Sonthofen is dedicating its own exhibition to these developments under the title "Art Digital or Digital Art?"

📸 ©️ sara Kurig

oktober 2022 - dezember 2022 münchen

CURtis & Curtis

Curtis and Curtis is a special place for interior lovers. Stefanie Sobisch, who owns and runs the long-established showroom in the middle of Munich's Haidhausen, carefully selects what she presents to her guests. She combines handcrafts with soul, art and design objects in a new and sophisticated way. I had the great opportunity to exhibit and sell a number of works here. Thereby I met many interesting women and even saw some of the paintings in their new homes.

oktober - dezember 2022

curtis & Curtis

JULI - SEPTEMBER 2022 St. wolfgang


Nora and Peter Isaac invited ME to exhibit in their café SODA and to organise a vernissage with them. The idea for this collaboration is a PErfect match, because the motives of the café coincide 100 per cent with the background of MY work.

Why is a Rhinelander from Munich standing in a café in the middle of St Wolfgang run by a Hungarian and a Canadian from Vienna and telling people something about roots?

the idea is about roots, which are not just your origin. You take roots through friends, places, family, conversations, ideas, decisions, attitudes, desires and much more. your Roots are inside yourself.



APRIL 2022 - bad ischl


The exhibition was MY largest personal exhibition to date and comprises around 30 works from 2018 to February 2022.

The show is a reflection of the past four years and documents the artistic development of this period through the various groups of works.

The focus is on the woman as the pivotal point of the work. The portraits of women reveal strength of will and dignity. They are women with attitude and their own life plan, strong personalities who pursue and find their own path without denying their feminine side.

april 2022

dirn to earth



"HIGH" IS a handmade edition of fifty women going their way.
Strength and sensitivity are shown in bright color contrasts and soft watercolor effects. The collection high is also available as nft`s.

MAI 2022 - DEzember 2022 - meran


Every year, the Ottmanngut in Merano invites an artist to jointly organise an exhibition with them. The works hang in the atmospheric orangery for a year. The view of the Ottmanngut from the Palmengarten forms the common thread, as each artist visualises it in her own formal language.

The sketches for MY motifs were created in October 2021 during a stay in Merano. What is special about the NEW works is that the figures are moving in space for the first time.

In order to capture the characteristic atmosphere of Merano, I focused in particular on plants and colours. The works can be seen at the Ottmanngut until the winter break in 2022.



Abused under National Socialism as Nazi clothing with a set of rules, My dirndl shows itself to be diverse and free. For me, traditional costume also stands for the oscillation between the worlds of tradition and modernity. High quality, sustainability, deceleration meet progress, digitalisation, science and globalisation.